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Bilateral economic cooperation with the Republic of Belarus

The main framework for cooperation between the countries is the Slovenian-Belarus intergovernmental commission on economic trade and scientific-technical cooperation. On September 28-29, 2015, the fifth regular meeting was held in Belarus and it was underlined the achieved volume of trade between the two countries at the moment does not correspond to the economic potential of the parties. Nevertheless, despite the situation that is formed on each of the markets, in the past years there has been a trend for increased turnover and growth in direct investments.

In 2014 Belarus was on forty-sixth place among the foreign trade partners of Slovenia (34th largest exporting and 62th largest importing partner). According to data from 2014, the trade volume was 79,1 million euros; compared to 2013, it increased by 12%. Export of Slovenian products to Belarus in 2014 amounted to 67,9 million euros (increase by 12% compared to3), while imports of Belarus products amounted to 11,1 million euros (increase by 17% compared to 2013).

The volume of mutual services rendered between Slovenia and Belarus in 2014 amounted to 5,6 million euro, which is 28% lower compared to 2013, while exports amounted to 0,9 million euros (decreased by 82% compared to 2013), imports were 4,7 million euros (increased by 62% compared to 2013).

The volume of direct Slovenian investments to the Republic of Belarus at the end of 2014 amounted to 2,6 million euros, and the volume of direct investment of Belarus to Slovenia was 0,2 million euros.

Taking into account the expressed interest of the parties and the existing potential for cooperation, we can say that the possibility of enhanced cooperation is observed in the fields of engineering, energy, logistics and transit, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, information technology and telecommunications, the metalworking industry, food industry and tourism.

In June 2015 Slovenia opened its Honorary Consulate in Minsk, which is headed by Mr Sergei Badulia.

A list of specific business opportunities offered by the Belarus market is contained in the portal Izvozno okno. In addition, we will be happy to provide you with additional information on current trends of the market.