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Bilateral economic cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan

Considering the cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia with the countries of Central Asia, a major part of its volume is accounted for the Republic of Kazakhstan. The country is a promising direction for Slovenian companies with its energy sources, well-developed engineering and large-scale investment projects (especially in construction). Despite the fact that indicators of trade between the two countries are relatively modest, there are a number of opportunities to deepen economic cooperation.

Slovenian-Kazakhstan intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation has already been established and its last regular meeting was held in June 2013 in Astana. The next meeting is scheduled for 2015 in Slovenia.

In September 2015 Slovenia opened its Honorary Consulate in Almaty, which is headed by Honorary Consul Azamat Syrgabaev. Beside Almaty he is also responsible for the Almaty region.

According to 2014 data, Kazakhstan occupies thirty-ninth place among the foreign trade partners of Slovenia. In 2014 the volume of trade between the two countries amounted to 88,4 million euros, which is 15,2% less than in 2013. The volume of export from Slovenia to Kazakhstan amounted to 65,9 million euros (13,3% less than in 2013), while import from Kazakhstan to Slovenia amounted to 22,5 million euros, which is around 20% less than in 2013.

Annual sales of services in 2014 amounted to 11,7 million euros, while the cost of services exported from Slovenia to Kazakhstan amounted to 1,8 million euro, and the value of services imported from Kazakhstan to Slovenia amounted to 9,9 million euros.
The most promising areas of economic cooperation are the pharmaceuticals, information and communication technologies, new technologies, advanced solutions in the field of energy (energy efficiency), environmental studies, construction and tourism.