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Political cooperation with Russia

Embassy constantly maintains a dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on all matters relating to the interaction between the Republic of Slovenia and the Russian Federation. In addition, there are regular contacts with the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, as well as other subjects of the Russian political life. During the talks with Russian interlocutors the issues of bilateral relations are discussed to identify areas for further reinforcement of the international cooperation in areas of mutual interest: at the level of bilateral relations and within international organizations.


Slovenia appreciates good bilateral relations and cooperation with the Russian Federation as Russia is one of the most important trading partner of Slovenia. Slovenia, acting under the Common foreign policy and security policy of the European Union, in 2010 signed with the Russian Federation Declaration regarding Cooperation for modernization with collaborative projects focused primarily on the area of high technology.

Slovenia appreciates Russia's participation in the annual memorial ceremony under the pass Vršič held in memory of the Russian soldiers who died during the First World War in the mountains of Slovenia. The cooperation between Star City near Moscow and cultural center "KSEVT" in Vitani successfully develops. An important element in the implementation of the relations between the two countries is also the Forum of Slavic Cultures, whose headquarters is located in Ljubljana.

Embassy acts as an organizer of all visits and contacts between the two countries both at the highest level and in the form of working relationships.